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zaterdag 02 maart 2013

I just came back from a dinner at Paramount and feel very disappointed.
The quality of the food was decent but nowhere near the quality you would expect from a classy restaurant which would be trying to promote itself through this initiative of Restaurant week.

Menu B - the peking duck - had some sad four pieces of dry meat, while Menu A - as main course fried fish - was also dry without any sauce and flat rice, making the entire meal a very tasteless experience. From the menu we were told to receive Fruit as a desert, but we got served four small pieces of an orange (for 2 persons!!), which was even less than a whole orange if pieced back together - we have pictures to prove this. All this is without mentioning the unfriendly, slow service, which made us wait for the first dish to be served over half an hour. Plus, charging 5.50 Euro for half a liter of water is somewhat extortionate.

Restaurant Week was for me tonight the opposite of what I expected and feel very cheated. I would presume restaurants were trying to promote themselves through this initiative but in this case it only feels like they are trying to get the money from the people that don't know the restaurant. This was not worth the 27,50 Euro and I can name ten other restaurant I would have loved to have spent this kind of money. I will definitely not recommend anybody to go there nor trust again Restaurant Week to try something new.

I hope this comment is being considered for your future planning of Restaurant Week and would appreciate a response.

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